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10 Ways to Use Drone Footage for Your Golf Course

In this article, Skysavvy Drone discusses 10 Effective Ways to Use Drone Footage for your Golf Course. Read the article today!
10 Ways to Use Drone Footage for Your Golf Course

10 Ways to Use Drone Footage for Your Golf Course

Drone photo of a wedding at Downingtown Country Club in Chester County, PA by https://www.skysavvydrone.com. Drone Marketing Photography
Drone photo of a wedding at Downingtown Country Club in Chester County, PA by Skysavvy Drone for Drone Marketing Photography!

Drone technology has revolutionized the way we capture and showcase golf courses. The stunning aerial perspectives and cinematic shots that drones can achieve are unparalleled in their ability to showcase the beauty and unique features of a golf course. In this article, we will explore 10 ways to use drone footage for your golf course, including using drones to shoot golf courses, the benefits of using a drone on a golf course, and how to use drone photography to market golf courses.

1. Create Eye-Catching Ads and Landing Pages

One of the most effective ways to use drone footage for your golf course is to incorporate it into your advertising campaigns. High-quality aerial videos can captivate viewers and generate interest in your golf course. Platforms like YouTube and Google Ads are ideal for reaching potential customers who are already searching for golf-related content.

YouTube Ads

By creating paid ads on YouTube, you can showcase your stunning golf course drone footage to a wider audience. Aerial videos are particularly impactful when targeting viewers who are already watching related content on the platform.

Google Ads

Leverage the power of Google Ads to drive traffic to your golf course’s landing pages. Incorporating drone footage in your landing pages for paid search campaigns can significantly improve conversion rates. According to studies, 92 percent of mobile video viewers share the videos they watch online with others, making it an excellent marketing tool for your golf course.

2. Enhance Your Golf Course’s Social Media Presence

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are perfect avenues for sharing your drone footage with a wider audience. Regularly posting engaging content on these platforms can help increase brand awareness and attract new customers.


Facebook’s extensive user base offers a prime opportunity to showcase your golf course’s drone footage. Make use of Facebook’s video and carousel ad formats to reach a broader audience and drive engagement with your content.


Instagram is known for its visual appeal, making it an ideal platform for sharing your stunning aerial shots. Utilize Instagram Stories and IGTV to share longer videos and behind-the-scenes footage of your golf course.


TikTok, with its rapidly growing user base, offers a unique opportunity to connect with younger audiences. Create short, engaging video clips featuring your golf course’s drone footage to captivate viewers and encourage them to share your content.

3. Showcase Your Golf Course’s Unique Features

Drone footage can highlight the distinctive aspects of your golf course, such as water hazards, sand traps, and challenging hole layouts. Use aerial videos to provide an overview of your course and help players strategize their game plan.

Hole-by-Hole Flyovers

Create captivating hole-by-hole flyovers using drone footage to give players an in-depth look at each hole’s layout and challenges. This information can help both novice and experienced golfers prepare for their round.

Course Tours

Offer virtual course tours using drone footage to showcase your golf course’s unique features and stunning landscape. This comprehensive view can give potential customers a taste of what they can expect when visiting your golf course.

4. Enhance Your Golf Course’s Website

Incorporating drone footage into your golf course’s website can significantly improve its visual appeal and user experience. By showcasing your course’s best features through aerial videos, you can attract and retain potential customers.

Homepage Video Backgrounds

Use drone footage as a video background on your golf course’s homepage to create an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. This visual element can capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to explore your website further.

Interactive Course Layouts

Combine drone footage with interactive course layouts to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of your golf course. Allow users to click on individual holes to view aerial videos and detailed information about each hole’s challenges and features.

5. Provide Unique Content for your Golf Course’s Blog

By incorporating drone footage into your golf course’s blog, you can offer readers valuable insights and unique perspectives on your course. Publish articles that discuss course strategy, hole layout, and course maintenance updates accompanied by aerial videos to engage your audience and enhance their understanding of your golf course.

6. Create Promotional Videos

Leverage the power of drone footage to create promotional videos that showcase your golf course’s beauty and allure. Use these videos to promote special events, tournaments, or seasonal offerings at your golf course. Share them on social media, your website, and through email marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience.

7. Use Drones to train your Golf Course Staff

Drone footage can serve as a valuable training tool for your staff. Use aerial videos to help employees understand the layout of the course, identify potential hazards, and learn about the course’s unique features. This knowledge can improve their ability to assist customers and enhance the overall customer experience.

8. Monitor Course Conditions and Maintenance

Regularly capturing drone footage of your golf course can help you monitor course conditions and identify areas that require maintenance. This proactive approach can ensure that your golf course remains in top-notch condition and provides an enjoyable experience for your customers.

9. Support Real Estate and Membership Sales

High-quality drone footage can be instrumental in supporting real estate and membership sales at your golf course. Aerial videos can showcase the beauty and value of properties within your golf course community, as well as highlight the benefits of club membership.

10. Attract Corporate and Charity Events

Showcase your golf course’s picturesque setting and outstanding amenities through drone footage to attract corporate and charity events. Aerial videos can help convey the unique experience your golf course can offer, making it an ideal choice for hosting special events and fundraisers.


In conclusion, drone footage has become an indispensable tool for golf course marketing and management. By incorporating aerial videos into your promotional efforts, website design, and course maintenance, you can enhance your golf course’s appeal and attract more customers.  Contact Skysavy Drone today to capture the beauty of your hometown Golf Course!