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DJI Avata

We fly this little “Cinewhoop” indoors.  It’s loud, small and nimble.  We occasionally attach another camera to the top to record at simltaneous frame rates.

DJI Avata
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DJI Avata

Skysavvy Drone flies the DJI Avata for real estate missions and indoor events. Contact Skysavvy today to book a certified DJI Avata pilot!
DJI Avata Pilots Skysavvy Drone Philadelphia


Manufacturer: DJI
Model: Avata
Weight: 410g
Resolution: 48mp
Aperture: f/f2.8
Flight Time: 18 min
Focal Length: 12mm

Our Take: DJI Avata

Compact and lightweight, DJI Avata is nimble in tight spaces. Every aspect of its design was made for you to be bold. The built-in propeller guard means that if Avata comes in contact with an object, it can bounce back, stay in the air, and can keep on flying.  We use this for indoor shots primarily, but this drone is also great for tucking in between objects and other hard-to-navigate spaces.  We’ve flown it under trampolines, through small windows, if it can fit, we’ll try to fly it!